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Wild Arctic shrimp name North Long amount of shrimp (Pandalus borealis), also known as the cold Arctic sweet shrimp, shrimp. In some parts of North China, it is also known as the frozen shrimp, the shrimp, the shrimp. Wild Arctic shrimp produced in the Arctic and North Atlantic Ocean, all of the wild shrimp, the main fishing countries are Canada, Greenland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, etc..
Product benefits
Human body cannot synthesize unsaturated fatty acids and must be ingested from the diet.
The content of unsaturated fatty acid is the highest of the deep-sea fish and shrimp, wild salmon and Arctic shrimp as the representative.
Northern Canada, Greenland, the Inuit and Eskimos, is one of the world's longest life expectancy of race, its longevity and often edible wild Arctic shrimp and other deep-sea fish have a close relationship.