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Deep sea fish (down) fish, belonging to 10 families and is characterized in that mouth, big eyes, body one or a few parts have light emitting device. In the depths of the ocean Osteichthyes (Osteichthyes) fish, usually in the 600 to 2700 meters (2000 to 9000 feet) below. The light emitting device is used for trapping the prey, and also for the lure of a mate.
Product benefits
Deep sea fish live in a hundred meters below the sea area, so it can only be the way of fishing in the deep ocean, or hook fishing, and then catch the ship, in time to freeze. And because the main ingredient is protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids, so in the preservation of minus 18 degrees Celsius and will not lead to loss of nutrients, gas reverse freshness and quality can be very good retention, cut compared to freshwater fish and coastal fish, deep-sea fish is less likely to be contemporary industrial pollution. Because deep sea fish are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and minerals. Such as calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements, but also contains vitamin A.B.C, etc., so it has the following benefits for human health.
Reduce the risk of heart disease in deep sea fish in the OMEGA -3 fatty acids can effectively control coronary heart disease
Lower cholesterol
The polyunsaturated fatty acids in the fish take cholesterol from the blood vessels, thereby reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body.
Lowering blood lipid
Deep sea fish in the polyunsaturated fatty acids can continue to reduce the blood lipid level of brain brain
DHA can promote the development of vision and the development of human brain and intelligent development, also is an essential nutrient for the nervous system.
Helps develop and improve immunity
Deep sea fish is rich in protein and minerals, with a balanced nutrition, can adjust the body's moisture balance, improve immunity, help wound healing and healing.
Reduce the risk of cigarette, deep sea fish contains the amino acids, can contain the arteries, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke in smokers