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Crab (scientific name: crab), is a short tail to Decapoda crustacean animal species, especially short tailed family (true crabs). There are also some other types, such as the type of the tail of the tail of about 4700 kinds of. Its distribution is found in all oceans, rivers and lands. Crab tail and other Decapoda (such as shrimp, lobster, crayfish), curling in below the chest, usually wide carapace. The first pair of pereiopods specialized as cheliped. Usually moving in a walk or a crawl. Common shore crabs are familiar to people, but also the characteristics of the majority of crab. Portunidae and some other kinds of types, with swimming appendages, flat paddle shaped nimble movements, big pliers are very powerful [1]. The crab is very rich in resources, which produced in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Taihu Lake crabs, Gaoyou Lake hairy crabs, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs crabs for the top grade.
There are a lot of crabs, most of which are edible. Most eat most of it comes from the sea or fresh water lakes region. But the crab is not everyone can eat, according to the body's physical fitness to the appropriate consumption, especially pregnant women need to be taboo.
In evil, hot pain, Kouyanwaixie, facial swelling. Yangjing Qi, lacquer solution. The blood of the postpartum abdominal pain, with food and wine. Tendon injury fracture, students work after fried rotten paste in the affected area. Children will not fontanelle crab, with forefoot Bletilla coated with end of work after, until the closing date. Can treat malaria, jaundice. The juice drips into, and can cure deafness, drug solution and eel poison. Single handed, two opposite, one eyed, six legged or four legged, abdominal have hair belly bone, back has a point, spot the red, toxic, edible harm. Available melon juice, perilla juice, garlic juice, soy sauce, reed rhizome juice detoxification.
Pregnant women can not eat, easy to cause difficult labor. The crab is very active atmosphere, the person that suffers from wind disease can not eat. Not the same persimmon, Schizonepeta food, or susceptible to cholera, but woody juice can solve.