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On the tip of New Zealand black abalone

2016/6/12      view:
     New Zealand is located in the extreme south end of the Pacific Ocean. It is a very near Antarctica. It is an island formed by volcanic eruption. There is surrounded by the sea, fresh air, lush, harmonious ecological environment of zero pollution of the island to New Zealand in the world won the reputation of "land of the last piece of the world". Many of the ingredients are well known throughout the world, such as beef and mutton, dairy products, kiwi fruit, etc.. Without any heavy industry, and far away from the source of pollution, has the world's most pure ocean, and thus became the ideal place for top seafood. New Zealand is the world's rare pure wild abalone growth area, clear water and natural seaweed to the growth of the abalone to provide an excellent environment for the growth and reproduction. Black abalone is a famous New Zealand's unique products, one of the New Zealand national image representation. Is a pure wild, zero pollution of the original eco high-end sea treasures. Has been introduced to China, in the major cities in the domestic high-end hotels, supermarkets have sold.
     New Zealand waters growing black abalone is a very rare marine life, from the ancient times has been a continuation of today, known as the living fossil biologists. The black abalone meat and shell is very popular with the New Zealand people chase after hold in both hands, local people known as black Gold-- black gold, so it has the "black Bao" the laudatory name. Due to the wild abalone resources is extremely limited, in order to maintain the sustainable development of fisheries, the New Zealand government in fishing quotas and fishing operation of black abalone developed a series of strict restrictions. Unlike other countries, artificial fishing diving in New Zealand is the sole legitimate way of harvesting black abalone and law in diving prohibited carrying any artificial oxygen equipment. In the underwater limited time, the divers must also select the diameter of more than 12.5 cm of abalone can be caught, the work is very difficult.
     Black abalone have unique appearance, due to perennial adsorption in New Zealand submarine volcanic rock, meat foot surface formed contains large quantities of minerals of black film, the black film rich unique Bao Lingsu, abalone polysaccharide, these two components were identified with cancer, inhibit tumor growth of unique effects. Black abalone abalone meat part contains rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and selenium, zinc, iodine, magnesium and other minerals, can effectively enhance the edible immunity, lower cholesterol, protect the heart and brain blood vessels and has significantly improved vision effect. Weak, excessive alcohol has excellent effect of nourishing and conditioning.