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Red body, red shrimp is very popular in Argentina

2016/5/27      view:
Recently, a named Argentine red shrimp food is quite popular, its biggest characteristic is red, life is red, seems to have a good appetite. It is understood, the shrimp production from Argentina to the South Sea, belongs to the deep-sea shrimp, shrimp shell thin flesh is thick, delicious and high nutritional value, meat is very delicious. The disadvantage is that the proportion of shrimp head accounted for a high proportion of the whole shrimp. If it is fresh shrimp, as long as with Japanese soy sauce and mustard to eat, very delicious, taste with sweet shrimp like. If you can not guarantee the freshness or eat raw food, then you can choose other practices. Liu Yang
Garlic shrimp with garlic
Ingredients: red shrimp, red pepper, onion, garlic, oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, great salt, pepper, chicken.
Practice: 1, prawns. (6:4:1:2:1:1 refueling; shrimp to first with a knife to open the back and remove line of shrimp are shrimp intestines, with wine and the amount of salt and pepper salt (half an hour more than the best), you can also add the chicken marinate for 2, 3, red pepper cut into small dices, onion cut into Suimo, garlic chopped at the end; 3, the pan and fry the garlic; 4, pour out the oil and garlic, add cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, chicken, sugar transfer into juice proportions; five, will transfer a good juice, add a little red pepper grains fell to the shrimp surface; 6, wobble plate, pot boil some water and then put shrimp steamed two minutes, pan sprinkle chive.