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Nutrient analysis of Argentina red shrimp.​

2016/2/23      view:

Nutrient analysis of Argentina red shrimp.

Off the southern coast of Argentina, pure, no pollution, low temperature, red shrimp grow naturally in this environment, nutrient rich, taste fresh and tender. After the water immediately frozen to minus 20 degrees below, to lock the red shrimp freshness and nutritional ingredients. Red shrimp of the storage and transportation process always keep below minus 20 degrees, ensure red shrimp in to reach the consumer table, no loss of nutrients. Wild, wild, low temperature pure growth of the waters; simple cooking, taste fresh, beautiful color, nutrient rich.

Argentine red shrimp and shrimp shell thin flesh, delicious and nutritious. Argentine red shrimp is not only delicious, and very high therapeutic value, can enhance the body immunity. With a natural pink shrimp shell, better retains the original flavor of shrimp, it is rich in protein and other nutrients, meat quality is delicate, soft and smooth, fresh taste and freeze in the sea has not comparable to other similar products freshness. At the same time the products exquisite packaging, is your own food and gifts to friends and relatives Jiapin preferred.
Edible method: remove the shrimp back in the gut after thawing
1 Argentina ship frozen red shrimp meat fat, taste very fresh, is a good fresh shrimp sashimi dishes.
2. Ting ship frozen red shrimp can choose different cooking methods according to your taste, steamed, braised, grilled, salt & pepper, hot pot soup.
1 with the tip cut off to prevent curling heated shrimp shrimp ribs;
2 steam boiler used in the fire, after the change in the fire, to prevent shrimp grow old;
Not more than three minutes 3 steam time after boiling, otherwise the shrimp is old.
Argentina shrimp shell thin meat, delicious and nutritious. Shrimp with high therapeutic value, can enhance the body's immunity.