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Offering sea fishing village Zhou Ge Zhuang "Resurrection" people can climb a mountain taste seafood

2016/9/30      view:


Post hearing about the ancient church old fishing village offering sea stories, fishing style houses heritage marine culture, vivid marine fishing chart to show the prosperity of today...... Yesterday morning, after a rain, the main site of Jimo Zhou Ge Zhuang Cun of national intangible cultural heritage "betweentian Heng day", through the beautiful village renovation project, through the historical heritage of fishing culture, and ultimately create ancient villages and marine folk culture village fishing culture. The upcoming eleven holiday, people can climb the cliff here (CH, n), taste seafood, feel a strong fishing culture.
From the old fishing port hundreds of metres tall, ancient arch arch show fishing style, exquisite "betweentian Heng" four characters, as if to tell and inheritance of Qingdao 7000 years of ocean civilization. A row has fishing style of ancient buildings, people suddenly have a sense of crossing, like going back to the old fishing village. Fishing in bed, can be seen everywhere in the fishing nets that since ancient times, fishermen here grandparents to live on the sea, the marine civilization heritage. The heritage of thousands of years of marine fishing culture, now also by painting a beautiful and vivid picture, show on the walls of houses fishing.
"Zhou Ge Zhuang is the main site of Tianheng sea sacrifice Festival, has the rich fishing culture history, is also a representative of northern fishing culture. Deep sea fishing culture elements offering old fishing village, is a kind of important heritage." Yesterday morning, the Provincial Tourism Resort Management Committee of Jimo Tianheng Island responsible person, Zhou Ge Zhuang Cun as a representative of the fishing culture, is now a traditional village in Shandong province falls and Qingdao ten historical and cultural charm of village. At present, they are on the main entrance of the village, offering sea square, stone lane and other key planning and design and node build.
According to reports, the old village transformation, many places have demonstrated the local fishing elements, such as the fishermen's nets fall and sea stone, a fishing village dotted decoration materials. In the village square, a sea sacrifice cultural corridor, to reproduce the history of hundreds of years fishing culture. The old fishing village will also build a fishing culture folk museum, to show people the history of fishing culture in Qingdao area.
"Next year intends to complete the water transformation, the West Village two commercial street project, simultaneous construction of tourist service center, fisherman's Wharf project." Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the provincial tourism resort of Tianheng island Xu Feng said, they will dig the fishing culture elements, will build in Zhou Ge Zhuang sea Festival blessing, seafood distribution, traditional cultural performances, the ancient village leisure tourism as one of the sea folk culture village.