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Seafood market is not wild seafood frozen seafood into the main force

2016/6/30      view:
Since June 1st, Shandong Province coastal waters of Bohai, Huang entered a period of 3 months of fishing moratorium. Yesterday, the reporter visited the City seafood market to understand, nearly a month moratorium little impact on the city as a whole, in addition to individual prices appears to seasonal increases, the majority of seafood prices fell. At the same time, with the increase of temperature, from the beginning of May, seafood market in the town of common culture and frozen seafood yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the liberation of free market of agricultural products of seafood sales area, in the sale of seafood in addition to shellfish,, mainly, and other frozen fish. According to a seafood vendors, and compared to the winter, the summer is slightly lower, more people to eat seafood, daily sales of about 50% higher than in winter. "Seafood is not like vegetables, steamed bread every day, autumn and winter seasons seafood sales mainly in the Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival before and after the sale of more, then the time of seafood prices are relatively high, but the summer of seafood sales compared to the average." The seller said that in the summer seafood daily sales, people prefer to in addition to shrimp products, sales were larger hairtail, Spanish mackerel, yellow croaker, mainly to freeze mainly.
Subsequently, the reporter went to the city of Qin Zhuang farmers market seafood sales area found that, due to the time is close to noon, to buy seafood is not much. "Seafood prices this year only yellow croaker prices higher, the others are about the same as last year." Is preparing to buy a yellow croaker public Joe lady told reporters, because often buy seafood, her price for most seafood are more familiar with. "Since June, the price of most seafood appeared different degree of decline, even did not drop the price keeps stable, only yellow croaker prices rose, in late May large yellow croaker also as long as 26 yuan / kg, has now risen to 30 yuan." "Urban market sales of the croaker are basically farming, from the beginning of last month, the price of yellow croaker is high." Seafood vendors boss Liu said that in June of the croaker price highest once reached 35 yuan / kg, the highest in recent years, the market price of the highest. It is reported that the market of large yellow croaker, mainly from Fujian, by farmers cut caused by, reducing the number of breeding, plus transportation costs and labor costs, resulting in insufficient supply of the market, the price will rise.
Within a month plummeted to 200 yuan, a year low shrimp attack
Since the Spring Festival, shrimp prices fell slightly after and in a high, to at the end of April have risen to every jins 200 yuan. After that, shrimp prices at a high level probably maintained for more than a month. "City seafood market sales of shrimp, the highest prices this year at 240 yuan per kilogram, than the price before and after the Spring Festival." According to the sales of seafood to the Shang and Zhou boss is introduced, and in previous years after the Spring Festival, shrimp price all the way down different, this year the price of shrimp has "guards". But from the beginning of June, elevated temperatures in the north, listed a large number of breeding in the North Sea area of shrimp, shrimp prices all the way straight down. Less than a month's time, shrimp prices from 240 yuan / kg to 45 yuan / kg at present. "Half a month ago I bought a sub Wai shrimp, was also 160 yuan per catty." Is to buy shrimp citizen Ms. Stone said that in recent months the price of shrimp is really a plunge.
In addition, according to the seafood sales Shang boss said that the current shrimp basic price is the lowest price within a year. In addition to shrimp price hikes, almost all of the shellfish seafood prices fell. Although the current in the fishing moratorium, but due to wholesalers ahead of the well stocked, freezing and artificial breeding of fish and, optional seafood is still great nor City seafood market for produced great impact.