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Seafood feast of China International Fishery exposition in 2016"! Wonderful review!

2016/11/9      view:

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the twenty-first China International Fisheries expo!

November 2016 2-4, the twenty-first China International Fisheries Expo and China International aquaculture Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "fisheries Expo") in Qingdao International Expo center. It is by the Ministry of agriculture and Agricultural Trade Promotion Center (China international agricultural industry branch of CCPIT) sponsored by the United States Marine exhibition company for overseas with the world's second largest aquatic products trade fair.

This exhibition, there are more than 1350 exhibitors from 44 countries and regions. In this highly anticipated moment, Qingdao Jiazhijie aquatic products Co. Ltd as an important member of Chinese imported seafood, of course, is not absent!

Qingdao Jiazhijie aquatic products Co. Ltd. exhibition:

The company's main products: fish (orange cichlids), long flounder, Argentina snowflake Pomfret, spots and other sea cucumber; Argentina shrimp, shrimp, chicken, shrimp tail tail Arctic sweet shrimp, black tiger shrimp; the crab, blue crab, crab, abalone, and New Zealand Black Irish gold!

Products from all over the world gathered together:

More fun to see the New Zealand native performance!

Fishing Expo, a number of well-known seafood platform gathered to show their own style. This is an opportunity for us! It is an important moment for the exchange of learning!

Communicate and communicate with industry participants!

The fishing Expo, from Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, United States, Norway, Spain, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Ireland, Iceland, Indonesia, Iceland, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and other regions have organized a large-scale group exhibition.
Exhibitors at the same time, we also did not forget to visit the exchange! ~ ~ ~

New Zealand Pavilion

Chile Pavilion

Peru exhibition area

Canada Pavilion

British Pavilion