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What is the Arctic sweet shrimp

2015/12/24      view:
Today, we come to understand what is the Arctic sweet shrimp:
"Arctic sweet shrimp (Pandalus borealis, also known as the Arctic shrimp. Because of property from the Arctic waters near the shrimp with a hint of sweetness and named after. Coldwater shrimp fishing in the waters of the North Atlantic, frozen at sea, to ensure freshness. At present in China, Japan have the loudness of the North Atlantic, especially aquatic Iceland is captured in Arctic waters near the Arctic sweet shrimp. The coldwater shrimp is Japanese sushi neededmaterials excellent, deeply red shell dotted with two black eyes, particularly attractive. The...
The therapeutic value of Arctic shrimp
1 shrimp are 
rich in nutrition, and its meat is soft, easy to digest, body weakness and disease who need recuperation is an excellent food;
2 shrimp is rich in magnesium, magnesium has an important role in the regulation of heart activity, can be very good to protect the cardiovascular system, it can 
reduce blood cholesterol levels, prevent atherosclerosis, but also expand the coronary artery, is conducive to the prevention of hypertension and myocardial infarction;

Tongru role

 3 shrimp strong and rich in phosphorus, calcium, especially for children, pregnant women have a tonic effect;

4. Japan, Osaka University scientists recently found that the shrimp body astaxanthin helps eliminate caused by jet lag "jetlag".
Daily attention to the consumption of Arctic shrimpArctic shrimp on the role of adjuvant treatment of what disease?
Respiratory system diseases, digestive system diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, urinary system diseases, endocrine system diseases, male diseases, gynecological diseases, pediatric diseases, 
Department of orthopedics diseases, surgical diseases, facial featuresWhich groups of people are suitable for Arctic shrimp?
Mother, children, 
the elderly, occupation groups, menopausal women, jiubingtixu crowdWhich 
people are suitable for the body to eat Arctic shrimp?
Health and quality
Which diseases are not suitable for the consumption of Arctic shrimp?
Infectious diseases, skin diseases
Which people are not suitable for consumption of Arctic shrimp?
Qi deficiency constitution, damp heat constitution, Yang deficiency constitution, yin deficiency constitution
Food taboo
Suji, comes at a time when the fire should not eat shrimp; 
suffering from allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and recurrent allergic dermatitis of the old people should not eat shrimp, shrimp to dynamic 
wind volatiles, with scaly skin not to eat.